Prices & Seasons

Take a look at our menu of outfitter services, rates and the seasons that apply for our various hunting opportunities.  For summer-time adventures, please reference Summer Trips,


Spring & Fall Bear Season
(April 15 – June 30) (Aug. 30 – Oct. 31)

Idaho Black Bear Hunting for Spring or Fall Season

Backcountry Bear Trophy Hunts: $3,200 per hunter

Lodge Bait Hunts: $2,500  per hunter 

Hound Bear Hunts: $3,500 per hunter

*Any Weapon
**Non-resident license $154.75, Bear tag $186.00

Fall Archery Elk Season
(Aug. 30 – Sept. 30)

Back Country or Lodge Hunts:

$5,000 per hunter
(2 hunters: 1 guide) 

$6,000 per hunter
(1 hunter: 1 guide)

*Archery Only
**Non-resident hunting license $154.75

Archery permit $20.00, Elk tag $416.74

Fall Rifle Elk Season
(Oct. 10 – Oct. 24)

Backcountry Hunts:

$5,500 per hunter 
(1 hunter: 1 guide)

$4,500 per hunter 
(2 hunters: 1 guide)

*Backcountry only
**Non-resident license $154.75

Elk tag $416.75  Tags Are Limited

Drop Camp Seasons
(Aug. 30 – Sept. 30) (Oct. 10 – Oct. 24)

Backcountry Hunts:

$2,000 per hunter for camp only.

$2,300 per hunter for drop camp w/ wrangler and horses.

$2,600 per hunter for drop camp w/ wrangler, horses, and cook.

*Need 4 hunters minimum for drop camp.

**Archery or Rifles

***Multiple species may be taken

****Non-resident license $154.75

  • Elk tag $416.75
  • Deer Tag $316.75
  • Bear Tag $186.00.

Fall Whitetail Season
(Nov. 1 – Nov. 20)

Backcountry or Lodge Hunts:

$3,000.00 per hunter

*Rifle Season
**Non-resident license $154.75

Deer tag $316.75

Winter Mountain Lion
(Dec. 1 – Mar. 31)

Lodge Hunts:

$8,500 (1 hunter, 2 guides, 7 days)

$5,500 + $2,000 kill fee (2 hunters, 2 guides, 7 days)

*Any Weapon
**Non-resident license $154.75

Mountain Lion tag $186.00

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